Entry #1

Stuffy stuff

2013-05-14 23:42:26 by Shadowblackfox

Well I do try my best in the small things i do
like the audio, yea I know that they're kinda crappy but at least they got a bit a charm to them. I just started experimenting with garageband and such till i get familiar with the program soon make my own tunes instead of using loops.

my art isn't that good either, but I know i just haven't been submitting any of my recent work because i'm still practicing with my traditional art work before going on to digital again. honest

i also want to get into flash and make animation, but i lack resources and experience to do any of that.

all im saying is that soon i'll get better with my stuff..(eventually)


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2013-05-18 13:39:02

Life is a constant evolution, good news; good luck!