2017-07-06 12:53:16 by Shadowblackfox

Its been about 6 months since I’ve graduated. In those 6 months I’ve applied to over 200 companies looking for employment, nothing has worked out.. I am getting worried. I have no official way to make an income, besides the very little commissions and side jobs that I’ve done but I am still scraping by. I thought I would have made some money selling art prints at the DCC, but it didn’t work out… I was over looked by other better artists. I should’ve known this would happen. 


So I got a question… Can I interest any one in Commissions? For only $20, I seems like a nice low price. extra $5 for extra characters and what ever you want. 

Send me a message so we can work out details, My paypal:


please spread the word and help a brother out.


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2017-07-30 02:56:35

It really kills me reading stuff like this. That people like you whos talented and creative are having a hard time dealing with reality, I know my words arent of any help at all to your current situation and that I cannot support you in anyway that I know possible , given that I don't have any money myself and any remotely close to having an outlet for income as of late, additionally I don't even have a paypal account but I like to think that people behind the scenes are rooting for you and wishing that you will get through this rough times. This applies to all of the aspiring gentleman/woman that pursues their own crafts, just keep believing in yourself and keep doing the thing that you love and have fun with it. There's no other way around it, if you think that you're current self is insufficient in the sense of what you do, then get better and prove the naysayers otherwise. I love the stuff that you put up and I hope my words could help you stride further in the future. Good luck and have a nice day.

Shadowblackfox responds:

Thank you for your words. It means a lot.